Birkbeck Primary School

Parent Communication

 Parental Links & Communication

Regular communication between home and school is one of the most positive ways in which children can be supported through their school years, and we seek to encourage this dialogue wherever possible.

We very much value your support and interest in your child’s education. Every child will be given a Reading record book which also allows for parents and carers to record other messages that they wish the teacher to be aware of. These books should come in to school every day. Please use this to keep us informed of any special events or achievements, however small, which happen outside school. This enables us to share in your child’s interests and to assess progress in a broader context.

Throughout the year, there are many other opportunities to become involved in your child’s education. You are most welcome to all social and community events held within the school and will be invited to events by newsletter and via Parentmail. 

Reception parents and carers are invited to come in to the classroom every term for a ‘Stay & Learn’ Session, and children have the opportunity to show you and tell you about their learning environment.

We run termly Parent Partnership and curriculum meetings, and parents and carers are invited to attend class assemblies throughout the academic year. Workshops are run in all curriculum subjects so that parents and carers can have a full overview of exactly what children are learning in school. Our hugely popular parent and child shared reading mornings also take place every term. 

Throughout the year, you will receive a variety of letters and Parentmail messages to keep you informed about events in school, and we also have our school website and Twitter feed showing the latest information about events that are happening in and around school.

There are two formal Parent Consultation meetings a year to discuss the progress of children.  A written report is sent home towards the end of each educational year.

Parents are welcome to make contact at any time if they need clarification of any matters or have individual concerns or, indeed, simply wish to know how their child is doing.  We do, however, ask that such contact be at the end of a session or by appointment, and not in the form of an early morning chat, when teachers need to settle their children and make a carefully planned start to the day.

Mrs George, our Family Liaison Officer is available to meet with you if you have any concerns regarding your child.   Please email


Those parents who wish to offer any kind of help during the School day are very welcome to contact Mrs Hunt or Mr Kohlbeck in the first instance via  with FAO marked for either member of staff.  It should be stressed that such help does not allow a parent to have contact with his/her own child, as this would seem both unfair to other pupils and possibly distract the individual child from the necessary level of interaction with the class teacher.

We are compelled to seek an Enhanced Disclosure and Baring Service check for any adult working in School.