Birkbeck Primary School


Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Fisher-Pink  Interim Executive Head Teacher                                                    
Mrs Koza Interim Head Teacher
Mr Kohlbeck Deputy Head Teacher 
Mrs Ross Inclusion Manager/SENCo
Mrs Hunt EYFS Phase Leader &  Reception Cherry Class Teacher
Mr Foy KS1 Phase Leader &  Year 2 Hawthorn Class Teacher
Mrs Sands KS2 Phase Leader &  Year 6 Oak Class Teacher (on maternity leave)

Teaching Staff

Mrs Rafter Nursery Birch Class Teacher 

Mrs Chibber 

Reception Willow Class Teacher 
Mrs Bhandal  Reception Willow Class Teacher 
Miss Yuill  Reception Pine Class Teacher 
Mrs Grenfell  Year 1 Maple Class Teacher 
Mrs Frampton  Year 1 Maple Class Teacher 
Miss Wigdor Year 1 Holly Class Teacher 
Miss Terblanche Year 1 Pear Class Teacher 
Miss Weir Year 2 Chestnut Class Teacher
Mrs Birch Year 2 Hazel Class Teacher 
Miss Reilly Year 3 Aspen Class Teacher 
Miss Finlay Year 3 Fir Class Teacher 
Mr Bannister  Year 4 Alder Class Teacher 
Mr Chowdhury Year 4 Elm Class Teacher 
Mr Warner  Year 5 Ash Class Teacher 
Miss May  Year 5 Hornbeam Class Teacher 
Miss Uyanik

Year 6 Elder Class Teacher 

Miss Harris/Mrs Bee By-Brown

Year 6 Oak Class Maternity Cover Teachers

Mrs Whittington

ECT release and cover teacher

Support Staff (Class Based)

Mr Smith  Sports Coach
Miss Wilson  Nursery Nurse
Mr Cakebread HLTA
Mrs McPherson  Learning Support Assistant / HLTA
Mrs Horrocks  Learning Support Assistant / HLTA
Mrs Hutchings Learning Support Assistant 
Miss Povey-Garman Learning Support Assistant 
Mrs Winterflood Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Matthews  Learning Support Assistant
Mr Richardson  Learning Support Assistant
Mrs O’Brien  Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Ellis  Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Walsh  Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Back  Learning Support Assistant
Miss Cranage  Learning Support Assistant
Ms Webb  Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Gosling  Learning Support Assistant
Mrs McNamara  Learning Support Assistant
Mr Cooper  Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Bentley  Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Yems

Learning Support Assistant 

Support Staff (Non-Class Based)

Mrs Murphy Learning Mentor
Mrs Jarvis  Business Manager
Mrs Reidy Administrator (on maternity leave)
Mrs Duffett  Receptionist 
Mrs Smith Administrative Assistant 
Mrs Cakebread Maternity Cover Administrator
Mr Cannock Premises Manager

Lunchtime Play Team  (OPAL)

Mrs Collard  Senior Play Leader
Mrs Thind  Play Co-Ordinator 
Mrs McKenna  Play Leader
Mrs Beresford Play Leader
Mrs Abulo  Play Leader
Mrs Egan Play Leader
Mrs Costin  Play Leader





 Wrap Around Care

Ms Webb Breakfast Club Leader
Mrs McNamara Breakfast Club Assistant
Mrs McPherson  Breakfast Club and (After School Club Leader)
Mrs Faithfull Breakfast Club and After School Club
Mrs Ralley After School Club
Mrs McKenna  After School Club
Mrs Beresford After School Club (Breakfast Club relief )