Birkbeck Primary School

Valuables & Lost property


Children should not bring such items from home as the loss of or damage to such things can cause distress to the child.  Staff cannot take responsibility for their safekeeping and cannot spend valuable teaching time searching for lost possessions.

Exceptions are occasionally made to this rule with the permission of Staff members on special occasions, e.g. on a birthday or to support a curriculum activity. 

We ask that all monies, including dinner money are sent into school in a sealed envelope, clearly marked with your child’s name, class, amount and the reason for the payment.


Lost Property

It is inevitable that school uniform items are mislaid or mixed up.  The best way to ensure that your child’s belongings are not lost is to ensure all items of school uniform are clearly named. Wherever possible, named lost property will be returned to your child’s class.

Any items that are unnamed will be kept in large containers, you will find them just inside the double doors directly opposite the car park barrier at front of the school. After we have had the items for two weeks they will be either: sent to recycling, added to the second hand uniform sale or kept in school for use in emergencies e.g. when a child is sick.

Please help us in reuniting lost property with its owner by labelling all of your child's property - this includes shoes, lunchboxes and water bottles.

If your child has lost any part of their uniform and it has been labelled, please encourage them to look in their classroom and cloakroom in the first instance.  If it still cannot be found please check the lost property boxes.

Please regularly check the uniform your child brings home - it is very easy for items of uniform to get mixed up.  If this has happens please can you bring back anything you find that isn’t your child's and we will reunite it with its owner, who will probably have your child’s item!  This includes lunchboxes and water bottles.