Birkbeck Primary School


Google Classroom

Google Classroom is an easy to use learning platform developed by Google for teachers and students to connect to their class teachers and keep up with their learning.

Whilst the school is closed due to the covid-19 outbreak, teachers will set activities on Google Classroom to support you child’s continue to learn at home. Teachers will be checking in on the learning each day and updating activities regularly, so keep an eye out for new activities and for the dates that the tasks are due to be completed by.

Accessing Google Classroom at home

There are two ways to access Google Classroom at home.

1. Visiting Google Classroom on a PC or Laptop

2. Downloading the Google Classroom app onto a smartphone or tablet.


Google Classroom Online

  1. Visit
  2. Log in using your child’s school email account (ending in
  3. Once logged in, your child’s year group ‘class’ will be displayed. Click on the title of the class to view classwork and homework.


Google Classroom App

  • Visit your App store and search for Google Classroom and download
  • Log in using your child’s school email account (ending in
  • All classes, class and homework will now be visible.


If completed digitally, work should be submitted via Google Classroom. All other work should be completed in the home school learning book provided.

For Support with Google Classroom please visit:

Google Support

If you continue to have difficulty please email