Birkbeck Primary School




Birkbeck Primary School continues to be a "Good" school - Dec 2023.



Pupils are motivated and keen to do well. They know how to study effectively. They work well in groups and concentrate independently. Staff make sure that pupils are kept safe here.   


Leaders have thought carefully about the ambition of the curriculum. Leaders have identified key concepts, known as ‘threads’, to sequence the knowledge pupils learn over time. For instance, in science, pupils in Year 4 learn to evaluate how scientific tests are fair, and by Year 6 they understand how to control variables when carrying out experiments. Children in Reception receive exceptional support to develop across all areas of learning. For example, staff enabled children to explore the natural world by growing plants from a seed.  


The school has clearly defined expectations for pupils’ behaviour. Staff reinforce pupils’ positive conduct through recognition, including rewards. During lessons, learning goes uninterrupted because pupils concentrate intently. Children in the early years maintain sustained focus and interest in the purposeful experiences that adults provide for them.

 Birkbeck Ofsted Inspection Report 2023Birkbeck Ofsted Letter to Parents