Birkbeck Primary School

Health Safety & Welfare

Health, Safety and Welfare

We take every precaution to ensure the safety of children in school.  However, accidents do happen sometimes.

We deal with minor bumps and grazes, but will always contact parents/carers if we have cause for concern.  In the event of minor injuries, staff will inform whomever collects your child.  This is also the case if a child is taken ill at school.

It is essential that up to date emergency contact numbers are held at school, in the office.

At Birkbeck, keeping our children safe is our main priority and is the key shared responsibility of EVERYONE who comes into contact with our pupils. If you have a concern about a child, please contact a member of our safeguarding team who are:

Mr Kohlbeck, Mrs Hunt, Mr Smith and Mrs George..

An entry system is in operation, along with other measures to safeguard children's safety.  All visitors coming to the school during normal hours must do so via the main school office where they will be issued with a personalised visitor’s identity pass to wear whilst on-site.

Birkbeck is a no smoking environment, both within the school building, grounds and entrances to our site that protects the health of the whole school community and visitors to the school.

Dogs are not allowed anywhere on the school site at any time unless specifically authorised by the Head Teacher. This includes drop off and collection times.