Birkbeck Primary School

Cherry Class







W/B 18/09/2023

This week, Reception has had lots of fun! We've started our new story, 'Chu's First Day at School',  and we have started to learn new sounds, like 'm' and 'a'! We have been practising how to show that we are Ready, Respectful and Safe in the classroom as well as around the school and in the hall at lunchtime. We have enjoyed exploring the outdoor area - here are some pictures of us engaging in the activities. 

W/B 06/11/2023

This week Reception were so excited to welcome Steve and the astrodome experience! We have been investigating where do stars go during the daytime and our journey into space in the astrodome helped explore this question even further!





W/B 20/11/2023

Wow! What a busy term it has been so far! It is amazing to see how far the children have already come since they first started in September. We are so so proud of the progress the children are making in all areas of the curriculum and it is lovely watching them blossom as individuals. The children have enjoyed learning about all things space over these past couple of weeks. They have enjoyed looking at our key texts of  ‘How to Catch a Star’ and ‘Look up!’ and have loved participating in all of our space themed activities, including designing, building and testing their own star catchers, making their own constellations, name rockets and telescopes, planet drawings and much much more!
Here are some pictures of the children’s fabulous writing so far this term too.









W/B 18/12/2023

What an exciting lead up to Christmas!

The children have been busy writing instructions on how to make 'slime' sandwiches  for the aliens that crash landed in our classrooms! They absolutely loved making their own 'slime' sandwiches and eating them too- yum! They were such kind friends to Zib the alien by making him lots of cards and asking him lots of questions to ensure he felt  safe and supported. 

We have looked at more and fewer, as well as the concept of one less through songs such as 'Five currant buns' and 'Five green bottles'. Reception have also enjoyed learning about Hanukkah .

The children loved sharing their Christmas performance with you all last week and Cherry Class have thoroughly enjoyed getting into the Christmas spirit this week by writing Christmas lists, wrapping presents and making, writing and delivering Christmas cards. 

We hope you have a fantastic Christmas break! Thank you all so much for your continued support!

Here are some pictures from our busy time at school.









W/B 15/01/2024

We hope you had a lovely break! Below is a PowerPoint with more information on this term.






W/B 19/02/2024

We hope you had a restful half-term. We had a jam-packed couple of weeks leading up to the break, including wearing fantastic hero costumes and getting to hear from real life heroes in our community, such as a policeman and a children's nurse. The children even got to see and go through a real fire engine in the playground! The children also enjoyed the Reception reading morning where their adults were able to come in and enjoy reading a story with them. We all look forward to our next topic of 'Minibeasts' and the exciting experiences that will bring. 






W/B 18/03/2024

We have been having a fantastic time in Reception learning all about our Minibeast topic! Zoolab visited us and got to meet and hold some minibeasts. Some of the these were cockroaches, a giant African snail and even a snake! We have welcomed our class caterpillars and have been doing lots of learning about lifecycles so we are very excited about what happens next!

Reception experienced The Very Hungry Caterpillar from an immersive story teller and we found lots of minibeasts on the way.

We all looked brilliant on World Book Day and we read some brilliant books, thank you all for you effort. On science day we were lucky enough to have a workshop that let us do lots of experiments including what happens when you mix lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda!

Lastly we had our 100 day party! To celebrate being in school for 100 days we did lots of activities around the number 100, including 100 movements around our sports hall. The children all looked fantastic in their 100 day hats and we all had a lovely time at our party.


W/B 15/04/2024

We hope you had a fantastic Easter break! Below is a PowerPoint with more information on this term.



W/B 20/05/2024

We have been very busy in Reception this half-term! We have loved learning about traditional tales, such as Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have been using our writing lenses to rewrite parts of the story and focus on our senses to describe.
We took part in the Mini Marathon and didn't give up as we ran laps around the field - well done!
We also went on our first trip out of school to the church, making sure we observed the rules of the road and stayed safe. We learned more about the features of the church and what the people who work in the church do. 
The Reception Team hopes that you have a restful break before our final term in Reception.

W/B 15/07/2024

As always, we have had an exciting time in Reception in our final few weeks of the year. 
The children have been improving their sentence writing, making sure to use their knowledge of phonics independently and check for capital letters and full stops in preparation for Year 1. 
We have had a particular focus this term on the world around us, thinking about how we are similar and different and how we can recognise this respectfully. We have read 'Oi! Get off our train', extending our thinking to animals and how we can protect endangered species. 
Reception loved taking part in Sports Day! The children worked hard to listen to the instructions, follow the rules fairly and show good sportsmanship to other teams and celebrate everyone's wins.
We have had a brilliant year. Enjoy the Summer holidays and have a well-deserved rest!