Birkbeck Primary School

Cherry Class




W/B 18/09/2023

This week, Reception has had lots of fun! We've started our new story, 'Chu's First Day at School',  and we have started to learn new sounds, like 'm' and 'a'! We have been practising how to show that we are Ready, Respectful and Safe in the classroom as well as around the school and in the hall at lunchtime. We have enjoyed exploring the outdoor area - here are some pictures of us engaging in the activities. 

W/B 06/11/2023

This week Reception were so excited to welcome Steve and the astrodome experience! We have been investigating where do stars go during the daytime and our journey into space in the astrodome helped explore this question even further!


W/B 20/11/2023

Wow! What a busy term it has been so far! It is amazing to see how far the children have already come since they first started in September. We are so so proud of the progress the children are making in all areas of the curriculum and it is lovely watching them blossom as individuals. The children have enjoyed learning about all things space over these past couple of weeks. They have enjoyed looking at our key texts of  ‘How to Catch a Star’ and ‘Look up!’ and have loved participating in all of our space themed activities, including designing, building and testing their own star catchers, making their own constellations, name rockets and telescopes, planet drawings and much much more!
Here are some pictures of the children’s fabulous writing so far this term too.