Birkbeck Primary School

Year 5 - Ash Class

Hello! Please find our Year 5 curriculum video below. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

October Review

The class has been enthusiastically continuing with their work and have shown just how well they have settled into our weekly routine. I am so pleased with everyone’s development and have been so impressed with the children’s writing not just in English but across the curriculum.

Trip to Hall Place

The children went on the first school trip of 2023/24 to Hall Place in Bexley. The children were excited from the moment we went to get the bus, and stayed engaged despite the constant wet weather. We had a wonderful taught session looking at butterflies and moths, which fits in with our science topic of lifecycles, including a chance to explore the fantastic historical collection of preserved insects. We then had the opportunity to explore the Hall Place site, looking at nature, and racing around the grass maze.

Our first trip was to Hall Place where we had a butterfly workshop then had the opportunity to explore the grounds.



We have started the book, The Wolves in the Walls by Neil Gaiman. The children have really engaged with this fantastic picture book, and it is bringing out the best of their creative writing.



In the last week before Half Term the children undertook assessments in Reading and Mathematics. The assessments cover the whole year’s curriculum and so there are many areas which the children have not learnt yet. Despite this, the class has done really well, and I was very pleased by how they approached the assessments and their continued hard work across the week. They very much deserved their Friday Inset day off.



This term we have looked at a variety of art including Bansky style graffiti, Warhol’s Rorschach pictures, pottery shapes and even telling stories using Emoji’s. The children have really enjoyed the opportunity to explore art in a different way and then create their own pieces. See a selection of the great work from the children below.


November Review

 Trip to Tower Bridge

November began with a fantastic trip to Tower Bridge. We had a Bridge Builders workshop where we learnt about the structure of bridges and had a go at building our own strong structure that would allow a boat to travel underneath.

We also had the amazing opportunity to take a tour of the bridge and engine rooms. We walked along the top of the bridge - over a glass floor! The children were incredibly brave and thoroughly enjoyed looking down and the river and traffic below - some of the adults weren't  so brave! We learnt so many facts about this amazing structure in London to help with our DT topic 'Bridges' this half term.

Bridge BuildersBridge Builders

 Tower bridge


This half term the children worked incredibly hard to produce fantastic narratives based on our core text Wolves in the Walls. They did an amazing job to include eerie vocabulary to give their writing a dark tone. 



We finished off our science topic of 'Living things and their Habitats' by carrying out a plant dissection. The children identified and labelled the different parts of the plant with a particular focus on the parts used for reproduction in flowers. 




Year 5 Residential 

Information for the Year 5 residential trip can be found in the slides below. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

residential initial meeting.pdf